Hi! I'm James.

I’m a Lighting Artist and Camera Technician.

I like to meet cool people and create beautiful images

I’ve served in various capacities on productions such as Fox’s “Strange Inheritance,” DIY Network’s “First Time Flippers,” as well as a host of sporting events, live shows, music videos, and short and feature films.

I was recently presented the Christian Film Festival’s Best Cinematography award for lensing the short film “Tom’s Last Night,” which went on to win the award for best short film.

My services

I’m trained, experienced, and I deliver results!

Director of Photography

The Director of Photography (DP for short) is in charge of the camera and lighting departments. The DP works closely with the Director to bring the artistic vision to life!

Camera Operator

The Camera Operator moves the camera so that the desired action is in frame. The Camera Operator works with the DP and/or Director to nail the composition.

Assistant Camera

The Assistant Camera (AC for short) ensures that the camera is properly configured. This includes building the camera, changing settings, swapping lenses, and at times, pulling focus.

Icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

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