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About Me


Welcome! I'm James Drake.

I'm a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, and Assistant Camera from Virginia. I freelance and I'm also the owner of 12Gates Films & Services, a production company which specializes in marketing and branding through film and video.

Growing up, my mom was the family photographer, so I have been around cameras for as long as I can remember. It was while watching the behind-the-scenes of 'Saving Private Ryan' on VHS that I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. 

I have served in various capacities on productions such as Fox’s “Strange Inheritance,” DIY Network’s “First Time Flippers,” as well as a host of sporting events, live shows, music videos, and short and feature films. I was recently presented the Christian Film Festival’s Best Cinematography award for lensing the short film “Tom’s Last Night,” which went on to win the award for best short film. I lead the Media Ministry at Kingdom Pursuers International Ministries in Richmond, VA where I oversee production of film, print, audio, and web media for various ministry uses.

I currently work throughout the U.S., but have aspirations to work around the world.

I'm ready to put my expertise to work for you. Let me know how I can be of assistance to you!

 Learning from  Alex Buono .

Learning from Alex Buono.

 Spending time with  Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C.

Spending time with Shane Hurlbut, A.S.C.

 Learning from Key Grip  Brady Majors .

Learning from Key Grip Brady Majors.


Position Project Type Production Company
Cinematographer “Perseverance: The Mighty Foundation” (2018) Documentary BlueLight Productions
Camera Operator NHSCA High School National Duals (2018) Sports Flo Sports/Flo Wrestling
Cinematographer "Nikkol" Horror Short (2018) Short Golden Thrones Productions
Camera Operator US Finals: Virginia Beach (2018) Sports Flo Sports/VarsityTV
Camera Operator Webcast of 2018 ALA Virtual Conference (2018) Live Stream Performedia
Camera Operator NBCC Advocate Leadership Summit (2018) Live Stream Performedia
Camera Operator Roll Call Live: Patient-Focused Health (2018) Live Stream Performedia
Cinematographer "Meridith" (2018) Short Golden Thrones Productions
Camera Operator Aca Challenge 2018 Live Competition Flo Sports/Flo Voice
Camera Operator ACDA-Reach The Beach All Star Nationals (2018) Sports Flo Sports/VarsityTV
Camera Operator NHSCA High School Nationals (2018) Sports Flo Sports/Flo Wrestling
Camera Operator The Latino Coalition (2018) Live Stream Performedia
Cinematographer "The Bluelight" (2018) Docmentary BlueLight Productions
Camera Assistant "First Time Flippers" Ep. 803 (2018) Reality TV Boy Wonder Prod./DIY
Camera Operator 2018 St. James Invitational Tournament (Basketball) Sports Flo Sports/Flo Hoops
Cinematographer "Bravery" (2018) Short Sandra Demetrius
Camera AssistantUniversity of Richmond Sports (2016-Present)SportsJim Porter Productions
Camera Operator “Yuletide Ball Championships” (2017) Live Stream Flo Sports/Flo Dance
Camera Operator Roll Call Live: “Infrastructure Decoded”(2017) Live Stream Performedia
Camera Assistant “First Time Flippers” Ep. 803 (2017) Reality TV Boy Wonder Prod./DIY
Camera Assistant “First Time Flippers” Ep. 514 (2017) Reality TV Boy Wonder Prod./DIY
Camera Operator Government IT Sales Summit (2017) Live Event Performedia
Camera Operator Big Southern Classic (Swimming) (2017) Sports Flo Sports/Flo Swimming
Assistant Editor “Dirty Money” (2017) Feature Ramier Productions
Cinematographer“No Idea” (2017)ShortBrian Cortez
Camera OperatorPCMA Capital Chapter’s REWIND (2017)Live EventPerformedia
Cinematographer“The Miracle Project” (2017)ShortSandra Demetrius
Camera Op./Tech.Dir.PSC Council Vision 2017Live StreamPerformedia
Cinematographer“Kids & Couture” (2017)ShortSandra Demetrius
Camera OperatorDigital Transformation (2017)Live EventPerformedia
Camera OperatorAFCEA/SIGNAL Live Online Event (2017)Live StreamPerformedia
Cinematographer“The Gym Downtown” CampaignCommercialLimitless Intl./Golden Thrones
Camera Assistant“Strange Inheritance” Ep. 418 (2017)Reality TVTowers Prod/Fox Business
Camera OperatorSt. John’s College v. St. John Bosco (2017)SportsFlo Sports/Flo Football
Camera OperatorArrow Electronics “Data Everywhere” (2017)Live EventPerformedia
Camera OperatorAmerican Heritage v. Bishop Sullivan (2017)SportsFlo Sports/Flo Football
Camera OperatorDCI NightBEAT Comepetition (2017)SportsFlo Sports/Flo Marching
Camera OperatorNational Lacrosse Classic (2017)SportsFirst Scout Productions
Cinematographer“Look Now, Look Again” (2017)ShortFidget Filmers
1st Assistant Cam.Lamayah "Yesterday" (2017)Music VideoJerry Williams
CinematographerBrittany - PLUSDocumentary James M. Drake Media, LLC
Camera OperatorCharlotte Triathlon (2017)SportsSport Stream Media
Camera Assistant“Strange Inheritance” Ep. 405 (2017)Reality TVTowers Prod/Fox Business
Camera OperatorThe U.S. Finals - Virginia Beach (Cheer) (2017)SportsFlo Sports/Varsity Cheer
Camera OperatorArjit Singh Live in Concert (2017)DocumentaryEVP Productions, Inc.
Cinematographer“David” (2017)ShortSandra Demetrius
Sound Mixer“Dreamers Imagine” (2017)ShortParis Boynes
Sound Mixer“Finding Boaz” (2017)FeatureM.A.M., Inc.
Cinematographer“The Story” (2017)ShortBlueLight Productions
Sound Mixer“Artichoke: The Art of the Choke” (2016)ShortBlueLight Productions
Sound Mixer“The Thorn, The Music, The Flowers” (2016)ShortBlueLight Productions
Cinematographer“The Voluntourist” (2016)Reality TVRezolution Films
Cinematographer“Zenz Massage Stones” (2016)InstructionalLinda Thornburg Prod.
Cinematographer“The Five Hour Interview” (2016)ShortBlueLight Productions
Assistant Editor“Sure Thing” (Post Prod.)FeatureRamier Productions
Cinematographer“Specters” (2016)ShortBlueLight Productions
Cinematographer“Tom’s Last Night” (2016)ShortBlueLight Productions
Gaffer/Sound Mixer“Still Life” (2016)ShortIllusions Filmworks
Sound Mixer“In My Father’s Fields” (2016)PromoBlueLight Productions
Sound Mixer“Build” (2016)Web ShortBlueLight Productions
Cinematographer“Shame” (2015)ShortJames M. Drake Media, LLC
Videographer“Kingdom Pursuers Live” (2013-2015)Live StreamKingdom Pursuers
Cinematographer“Meet the BGC” (2015)DocumentarySelah Studios
Cinematographer“Morgan McCoy” (2015)EPKM.A.M., Inc.
Cinematographer“The Color of Pain” (2015)ShortMotives2Motivate, LLC
Cinematographer“Something to Talk About” (2015)Talk ShowM.A.M., Inc.
Camera Operator“Oasis Gathering” (2015)Live EventLarry Hill
Camera Operator“Evolution of A Black Girl” (2015)Live EventM.A.M., Inc.
Camera Operator“She’s Got Issues” (2015)Live EventM.A.M., Inc.
Camera Operator“Care For Me” (2015)Live EventM.A.M., Inc.
Camera Operator“New Beginnings” (2011-2013)TV ShowNBTM