5 Reasons You Should Shoot For Fun This Weekend

Does your passion feel like a chore?  You made your hobby your profession so that you wouldn't have to work, right?  So why does it feel like all you do is work?  As creatives, sometimes we get so caught up in the "work" we have to do, we forget to have fun and enjoy what we do.  In this post, I will share what I do to relax and get away from "work" for a while, as well as how it can work for you.

Racer in the Thule Urban Assault Mountain Bike Race at Riverrock 2014

The Big Break

I recently experienced this.  I felt like I was doing so much of the behind-the-scenes work of preparing deliverables, scheduling, accounting, and maintenance, that I wasn't having fun doing what I love.

I decided to block a few days out of my schedule to attend and shoot Dominion Riverrock.

Dominion Riverrock, organized by Venture Richmond and the Sports Backers, is the East Coast's premier outdoor lifestyle festival, bringing athletes, spectators, musicians, and even dogs to Brown’s Island for a three-day festival against the backdrop of downtown Richmond’s urban riverfront.  The festival features a variety of outdoor sports including trail running, kayaking, biking, bouldering, slacklining, stand up paddleboarding, and dog jumping.  The event was designed to promote Richmond’s unique riverfront, downtown trails and whitewater rapids to outdoor enthusiasts.*

Spending that time outside, shooting what I want to shoot, and having fun melted the stress away and I felt so much better after.  Not to mention, I got some awesome images out of it!

Tash Neal of The London Souls at Riverrock 2014

Sometimes, I will just go for a hike with my camera and shoot whatever interests me.  Other times, my wife and I may go for a drive and stop wherever we find interesting scenery and have a random photo shoot.  The point is to just have fun!

If you are currently at the point where your business is running you, and not the other way around, TAKE A BREAK!  There is nothing wrong with pressing pause.  When you get back, you will feel refreshed and ready to conquer the world.

Hesitant about taking time off?

Keep these 5 important reasons in mind.  They will work for your business!

  1. You will gain experience.  When you go out to shoot what you want to shoot, there is no pressure on you.  This gives you the freedom to experiment different techniques.  You have the time to try that thing you saw on that one website that you've been thinking about all month!
  2. You will build your portfolio.  Now that you've nailed that new technique and have the images to prove it, you can throw them in your portfolio.  Shooting for fun allows you to build up your portfolio with the kind of images that you want to get paid to shoot!
  3. You will get seen.  As artists, we all have a bit of an ego.  It's like a requirement.  The cool thing about being out shooting, especially at an event like Riverrock, is that you get noticed.  It's always reassuring when someone, especially another photographer, recognizes you and compliments you on your work.  Another advantage of being seen out shooting by thousands of people is the thousands of potential clients you may happen to run into!
  4. You will forget about the stress.  Creating for yourself lets you channel your energy to something that makes you feel good.  Leave work at work and just get out and create.
  5. You will have fun!  Sometimes we forget about this little 3 letter word.  It is important to have fun.  Having fun every now and then is good for the mind, body, and soul.

A slopestyle biker getting big air at Riverrock 2014

Get your camera out of its bag.  Go call your friends.  Dig up that cool technique you saw on YouTube a few months ago.  Plan a trip to that place you saw while you were driving that day.  GO SHOOT!

Are you feeling the stress of burnout? What do you do to relax and have fun? Join the conversation below!

*Dominion Riverrock – http://dominionriverrock.com