Delivering powerful video solutions across Central Virginia

If you are in business in Central Virginia, in Richmond, Chesterfield, Colonial Heights or elsewhere, and looking for an experienced and talented videographer, someone both local to the area and at one with the people, then James M. Drake Media is ready to deliver the professional production value you demand, without the need to pay big city studio prices.

Whether you require the best in video for:
• commercials or advertising projects
• training videos for staff or customers
• in-depth documentaries or shorts on specific subjects
• stylish product demonstrations or reviews
• material to use on Facebook or YouTube
• powerful music videos
• capture of live events

- or for any other reason, talk to James right now. You'll find great video production knowledge and experience matched with a keen desire to completely understand exactly what the end result needs to show.

If you are in Petersburg or Hopewell, or elsewhere in Central Virginia, and are seeking a quality yet affordable and all-inclusive solution to your video requirements, then James M. Drake Media can capture, preserve, and present the stunning video outcomes you seek.

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